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 Information for Practicum Presentations:

The practicum project is about you exploring a new site, service, or community online. But, we are willing to help, particularly in places where we already have some experience. This way, we can answer questions, help you out, or even participate and play alongside you. Here's a list of places and usernames that you could use to find us, if that would be helpful. If your project isn't on this list, but you'd like one of us to check out what you're doing, just ask!

Delicious: trillize
foursquare: Liz E. in Madison, WI (
Goodreads: Liz (
Kongregate: trilliz
Personal home page:
Ravelry: trilliz
Second Life: Trilliz Edenflower
Twitter: trilliz
World of Warcraft, on the Eitrigg server, as Organza
XBox Live: Lizzicz

Personal home page: djkimball
Delicious: djkimball
Twitter: djkimball