Sunday, October 17, 2010

Google Me

When I googled myself, I was surprised to see that the first result for “Hannah Peltier” wasn’t me! SO there is another Hannah Peltier floating around. Advertisements also were on the first part of the page, suggesting for “Hannah Peltier” to join the websites Classmates or Reunion. Another “Hannah Peltier” was on the first page of the google search from the website ‘Pleasant Local School’ middle school newsletter. However, I did find myself on google. My first entry was at the bottom of the first search page, of a story I wrote in high school for my local paper. And again on the second page, on the bottom, of a newspaper article featuring my dance team in high school. It was weird that I also found that my name had popped up on some of my friends’ twitter pages in which they followed’ me on twitter.

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