Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Plants verus Zombies

Online games can be very addicting once you start playing them. I definitely go through phases where I play one game whenever I am bored and on the computer, but these phases are usually short-lived and I don't spend a lot of my time playing online games. Plants vs. Zombies is definitely not something I would have tried out on my own, probably based on the title alone. I was pleasantly surprised with the game. Playing this game made me realize that most free online games are rather simple and easy to play, which is obviously so that users continue to play them and get invested.

This game was easy to play because there were directions on what to do at the bottom of the screen while you played. I didn't feel as thought I was doing much of anything though to protect myself from the zombies because clicking on the suns, and seed packets was not much of a task. I prefer online games that use more keys and are more interactive. Unfortunately the game was addicting and I would up playing it for about a half hour before I gave up. I probably will not play this game again because I did not really find it enjoyable. While the visuals were really good I did not understand the concept of the game, such as why plants were able to kill zombies, etc. I will continue to play bubble shooter on my spare time.

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