Friday, December 17, 2010

Last Post

Wow, I totally forgot to write my last post.

I wanted to write is after my paper to just blog about how I tied Kongregate into everything we learned in class. Overall, playing Kongregate was a great experience. I probably won't play as often in the future, but it's a great way to take a break from studying to do it while watching tv, etc.

I felt that the notion of developing an identity on Kongregate was very important because all the huge community it has online. From chat rooms, to forums, and multiplayer games, how one presents them self online can alter how they experience Kongregate.

I also decided to highlight some of the learning components Kongregate could provide, from Gee's reading. From experience I found that Kongregate games used the skills of performance before competence, the development of taking risks, and cross functional teams.

Lastly, I explained the different types of games that were offered on Kongregate, citing some information from Juul's reading, and also emphasizing the different usage of a player's space and a screen space.

I had a fun time in this class! Too bad the final is so late :(

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