Friday, December 3, 2010

Practicum 7 -- Erika

I was looking around on my blog at more features that I could potentially incorporate into this one or a future blog if I decide to continue one later. One that intrigued me was when I went to click on 'monetize' in my settings section it took me to a page describing this feature called 'AdSense'. Upon reading further I found that you could make money if you sign up for this feature. What it is is that you (the blogger) would sign up for Google AdSense and in turn advertisers would bid on your site to be able to place their ad on your blog. Once the ad is on the blog, you would make money by people/viewers/followers of your blog clicking on the ad. This is no cost to you, you only get paid for it. This was pretty intriguing because it seemed like it's essentially free money simply for having advertisements on your blog page. I'm just wondering if there's any catch to it, it seems like something that you sign up for free and then in turn get paid for is just too easy...? I don't think I would do this, but if it is legit I might think about it, I mean as college students, who wouldn't want a little more cash?

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