Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Practicum 7 (Interviews)

The way, me as a player, is gaining information through interviews as mentioned previously. The format of interview in the game is very interesting.
So I need to first go to the place where the interviewee is located, and once I physically get there, I will be able to "talk" to that person.
This screen shot is how are the interviewees are labeled on the map.
This is how it will look at when you click on the interviewee. If you click on "tap to continue".
There will be questions listed that you, as a reporter, could choose from to ask the person you are interviewing, and the person will "answer" the questions in the next page.
This is anther screen shot of a request, for this specific request, it asks me to go the Ingram Hall, and scan the DECODE in the room 102, so that I could play the video.


  1. So this interview concept seems kinda cool. Would you say you hate the game less now that you've discovered this way of playing it?

  2. I think I like this particular game better than the previous game I played. I still think that the overall gaming concept is very passive. Players are just taking in information. It would be nice if the game is made more interactive. If I could for example comment on the interview I just had, or exchange views with other players and etc.