Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Practicum #8 - The end of the Foursquare adventure

I’m on my last blog post, and I can end on a strong note: I’m the mayor of another place! And a far more legit place than the Vilas Zoo’s Primates section or a shelter in Vilas Park ⎯ I’m the mayor of Coffee Bytes. WIN.

I’m wrapping up my 3-page paper as well, and in terms of continuing my future Foursquare use, it’s still up in the air. Maybe I’ll try doing it without cheating for once and see how many badges I can rack up.

However, I do still wonder how long Foursquare will be around. According to this article, Foursquare is working on creating a recommendations function that would, based on your check-in history, offer recommendations on where you should go. It would be like Apple’s Genius function, but for Foursquare:


We’ll see where this thing goes. Right now I see Foursquare as more of a trend that could eventually become outdated and overlooked in favor of social networking sites that integrate the geosocial function into its main framework, like Facebook Places.

Then again, it could catch on big time, moreso than that 1% of internet users statistic I referenced in my presentation. Who knows?

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