Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Practicum-Michelle #8

For my last visit on the teen pregnancy support group website I decided to put use my over knowledge of the site and how it works. I looked on the goals section and found some goals that I think the website helps teens to achieve and I also found some goals that people posted that aren't related to the content on the site.

For example 44 members have weight loss goals. This is the first time I came across the issue of weight loss on the website. I'm sure its helpful that these members have each other to help in reaching their final goal weight but the website at large does not offer advice about healthy weight loss or gain. 32 members have improve my mood goals. I believe that this website is practically built for people with this goal. The whole site is based on a support system and I've always found that other members are constantly willing to help others by giving advice and sharing experiences. Naturally anyone having doubts or ill-feelings can almost instantly feel better by communicating their fears and emotions and having others respond. Overall I think that sharing goals is great way to reach them and inspire others to reach their own.

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  1. "I believe that this website is practically built for people with this goal."

    I agree. I also think that's the case for discussion boards about anything - whether it's to talk about something personal or a favorite TV show, you feel better because you know you're not alone.