Monday, September 20, 2010

My Frayed Nerves, er, I mean, My Thoughts on "History of the Internet"

I thought this video was really interesting and, surprisingly, quite educational. I would like to call myself an expert on all things internet, but this video helped me realize that there's a lot that I don't know (maybe that's why I'm in this class?). I had no idea that so much went into something that we all seem to take for granted now. I especially liked when they mentioned what sounded like the beginning of dial-up, although they didn't call it that, because that was the first kind of internet I had in my house.
I'm sure you all remember those videos that we would watch in high school about whatever we were supposed to talk about if the teacher wasn't there. I think that this would be a great video to show if that were the case. "History of the Internet" is a great pictorial supplement to stuff in the past two lectures, including international things that weren't brought up (like the pre-internet networks in England and France).

Also, I have a soft spot for the animation in this video, especially the sequence when they talked about how computers were getting so big that it and the developer couldn't fit in the same room.

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