Monday, October 4, 2010

Chat Roulette

Since I refused to sit on ChatRoulette by myself (because I am definitely judging the people who do that), I made my roommate sit with me for what I thought would be 20 minutes on the website. Turns out I wasted over an hour of my night chatting with a bunch of rando's...

For the most part, our experience was horrible. This was not my first time on ChatRoulette but it was the first time I did it that I actually tried to have conversations with people, which was interesting. I decided to take a tally of some of the trends I saw:

Out of 24 Different Chatters, we came across:
4 Penises
3 Internationals
6 Creeps without Penises (visible atleast)
1 "Girl"
3 "Normal" guys
1 Group (3+ individuals)
5 "Nexted" (Meaning they skipped us)
And... 1 Full Moon. Yes, we were mooned while chatting.

I thought it was interesting that whenever someone "nexted" us, we felt rejected! I honestly couldn't tell you why we felt that way because I was ashamed to even be sitting on ChatRoulette but the feeling of rejection is not an easy one to take... It started out a little rough, and we met some creeps along the way, but our very last chatter was a guy from Rutgers who was actually our age. So, we did end up having a conversation which made the overall experience a success.

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