Monday, October 4, 2010


So I have done chatroulette before, and it is always quite the experience. Usually we just giggle at everything we see and skip through it all. This time I decided to actually talk to some people, and I was very surprised with the results. As usual there was plenty of indecent exposure and a few old creepy men, all of which I skipped through. I actually got to talk to some normal people around my age. I talked to people from Minnesota, Oregon, Colorado, New York, and even Wisconsin. While it was just small talk I was pleased to know there are still some normal people on chatroulette and the other weirdos haven't ruined it for everyone. I actually think that the website is a really good idea. Its just sad that it has turned into a site for creeps to expose themselves. I feel like its kind of like what happened with myspace how it was really popular until it became a playground for sexual predators. It definitely worries me that anyone can go on chatroulette and be exposed to that kind of stuff. I have seen young girls on there before and its scary to know they are seeing the same things I am. If only there were a safer version of chatroulette for everyone to enjoy while being safe from creeps!

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