Friday, October 8, 2010


For the practicum assignment I'm looking at support groups online. I found a support website for parents with children who have ADD or ADHD. The website offers links to books and articles about ADD/ADHD as well as Q and A section. Besides the links the website also offers different chat rooms that parents can join by sending an email to the group in order to get the link. There are many different chat rooms with topics ranging from parents who want to talk to their children about ADD/ADHD to chat rooms about how schools are handling children with ADD/ADHD.

This website is very different from the eating disorder support website that I mentioned in my previous post. The support website for parents with children who have ADD or ADHD is mainly informational and more private. (the eating disorder website) was all inclusive where anyone in need of support or anyone willing to give support could interact right on the website whereas the support group for parents involved sending an email in order to post or read postings. The website for parents seems like a good starting point for someone who is need of support while the eating disorder website was a form of support itself.

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