Monday, November 8, 2010

Blog #5: Youtube/Hulu

Out of these two sites, I definitely use YouTube more than Hulu. I love watching music videos or listening to new songs that I don't have on my iTunes yet. I also like reading the comments that people post - somehow it seems that users get into fights about something no matter what the video is about, which is entertaining, but also pretty sad. Although I don't really click on many videos that are "recommended" to me, it's a cool idea that the website chooses videos that are similar to ones you've viewed before. The thing I'm finding a little annoying now is that it can be really hard to find what you're looking for, if you are looking for something in particular and not just browsing, because people can title their videos whatever they want, including "official music video" even when it is not.

The videos on YouTube that are syndicated through VEVO are similar to Hulu in the fact that you have to watch advertisements to gain access. I chose to watch the "Like a G6" video for the assignment because I hadn't seen it before, and I had to watch a Schick Hydro 3 razor commercial first. On Hulu, I watched a preview for this week's episode of Glee. The only couple times I've used the site before were to watch clips from old SNL episodes.

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