Monday, November 8, 2010

Blog #6 - The ways of Hulu and YouTube

Because I love Canada, and because I'm writing a paper about Canadian TV for another comm. arts class, I thought I'd start my blog post with a YouTube video that features a sketch from one of my favorite shows: "The Kids in the Hall."

Basically, it's my man Dave Foley delivering a monologue about his "positive attitude toward menstruation." You can find it here:

For Hulu, I went a different route with an SNL sketch for their special episode about the women behind the show. If you're interested, the link is here:

As others have said, the quality is the first thing that becomes apparent when comparing the two services. Hulu is pretty hi-definition, whereas YouTube is classically pixelated and jumpy. However, the "Kids in the Hall" sketch I selected is dated by today's standards, and the quality reflects its age.

That brings me to the other difference: content. Hulu is one of the main go-to sources for current television, unlike YouTube, which hosts a wide gamut of content, from mindless, brief videos to films. However, in terms of longevity, Hulu mostly maintains a small window of opportunity for watching programs (however, they do sometimes provide access to past shows, like "Arrested Development"). YouTube is a little more permanent by comparison.

That's a lot of rambling, but if you have some time to kill, definitely watch one of the videos I posted. They won't disappoint.

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