Monday, December 13, 2010

Media Fandom 8

So here are my final thoughts on Television without Pity & discussing the Real Housewives series:

I went in not having any expectations - I've never participated in anything like this before and thought it would be interesting to try. At first, it was! I loved reading what other people had to say, it was hilarious and catty and everything I had hoped for on the site.

After the first couple times, I became more comfortable posting to the website. I would read gossip websites and the Real Housewives blogs so that I could add something new to the conversation and I felt like it was just a matter of time before someone would reference me directly.

I was so wrong! I was barely acknowledged on the site and although I contributed to conversation, I'll never actually now if other people even read what I was saying. Which is kind of sad now that I think about it since I put hours and hours of my time into reading posts on the site and writing my own thoughts down.

I have to ask myself, will I ever do this again? I'm not so sure. I'd have to get a lot better at it. I even picked a couple shows that I absolutely love, thinking it would be easier to write and participate, and it really wasn't any easier. I'd have to be a lot more dedicated to the show, and a lot more time on my hands, before I could ever really feel like a "community member" on these fan forums. I'm just not one of the crazies who remains loyal to the shows and the website. Props to those who are the real contributors though, they are the source of many laughs and commentary for other users of the website. It was a fun semester of trying something new, and I'll leave it at that. Peace out It's been real.

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