Monday, December 13, 2010

Practicum 6: Tyla

My brother has a girlfriend! It is relevant only because I was able to play Halo with my brother, who resides in Milwaukee, through the incredible invention of Xbox Live! And yes, the most important/exciting bit of information to blog about is about my little brother who I just found out has a girlfriend! This is just one of the overlooked things about Xbox...we played a game together, miles apart and got to chat about his recent love interest! Although he didn't give me too many details, he was at least stuck listening to me ask tons of questions...he did threaten to "mute" me, which is a feature offered through Xbox, however, he knew there would be consequences if he chose to attempt to shut me up.

I didn't play very well tonight. Aside from the buttons having different roles with Call of Duty and Halo, I was also trying to talk to my brother. I couldn't have that many things going at once! So I sat out a game while my friend played against my brother and I wore the headset and asked him questions :) I still prefer Call of Duty with the zombies, I think because less people get mad at me when I play that game. Whoever I play zombies with is usually yelling and telling me or whoever else is playing local with us, what to do..what level we should run to and meet up, when to buy a new gun, etc. I don't mind this. I feel like I'm all alone when we play Deathmatch (which I literally am) and everyone's out to kill me, there are no pointers given my way. They've been playing for years, I am clearly at a disadvantage! So we played Halo for a while & it was a good night, it was super nice to talk to my brother.

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