Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Practicum 5. (A new day, a new dawn, a new life!)

I started playing this new game called Dow Day in the ARIS. because I wasn't exactly enjoying the previous game.

The Dow Day seems to be more fun, and the participants seems to be more involved in the process. The game is based on a historical incident here at UW campus. The event happened in 1967 during a protest against recruitment on campus from a company which produces napalm for the Vietnam war. The game is kind of like a role play where the player will take the role as a reporter from a State Newspaper, and the tasks are based on the assignments from the editor in chief. Here is a screen shot of the introduction video they provided in the very beginning of the game, which establish the whole game, and explain the role of the player, as well as the first task.

Here is again, the task list, which appears in every ARIS, direct players to different locations. Different from the UW-Campus Tour game, the Dow Day will direct me to places so that I could interview people at certain places to get more information about the protest going on around campus.

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