Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Practicum 7 - Mitch

I've been on my social networking sites for kids because I was wondering about if the activity level has changed there very much. There still is not very much activity on these websites though. I don't think young kids are very concerned with social networking at their young age.

I also received an email from club penguin talking about things I can do to make my child's experience more fun. This is the first time I have gotten any of these emails. I do not know how often they are sent out, but I started club penguin in September. Maybe it happens every 3 months or maybe just random times around the year. Maybe because it's near the holidays? Most of the ways to make my child's experience better did revolve around the holidays, but I can't say for sure. Some of the things would say things like "Our gift to you" where you can give your kids 500 coins in the game, etc. I'd be interested in finding out how often they actually send out emails to the parents.

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