Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Practicum #8 - Mitch

I finally got to do something that I've wanted to do since the beginning of this research. I wanted to use some of the inappropriate language and phrases that the website warns you about using in its terms of services. I didn't want to try it before because I feared that I might get banned for life and would not be able to continue on one of the sites. After trying it, I noticed that the website allows you to type it in, but it immediately recognizes it once you hit enter and are banned from the website for 24 hours. I would like to see what happens after a second or third violation as well. Maybe the website just keeps banning your for 24 hours at a time, or maybe the website eventually kicks you off for life. I think I would like to experiment to find out, also experiment with the sorts of things that can be said.

Aside from that, I do not think I will be continuing to participate in websites that are targeted towards kids. Mostly because they are targeted towards kids. Don't get me wrong, I like to do a lot of things that a kid would want to do, but playing these games is not one of them. They are very monotonous and I would rather play something different. It was nice having the experience though, and my family wondering why I'm playing with a penguin avatar for school.

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