Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Practicum 7: Tyla

Over Thanksgiving break, I played Xbox a lot like I said in a previous post. So as I sit here and wait my turn to play Call of Duty, I figured I'd share one of the funny incidents.

After Thanksgiving dinner at my boyfriend's house, all of the boy cousins ran downstairs to begin their supposedly annual Xbox Live gamings session. (Honestly, it isn't like it's a tradition or anything because every time we are with his boy cousins, we play video games.) Anyway, I was playing with my boyfriend against his cousin and little brother. So it was a split screen, and we were playing "local." During the game, the boys kept yelling at one another to keep their eyes on their own screen because when playing local split screen, the opposing team can see where you are if they look at your screen and come find you to kill you, which is the goal. I don't know the maps like they do, so when I peeked at the screen next to me I had no idea what to look for because I had no idea where I was in relation to the fence. My teammate and I ended up losing...the other guys were cheating and were watching where I was and took advantage of my lack of knowledge of that certain map. So they came up with an ingenious idea. --In the basement where we played, his family has a projection screen so the boys figured if they got a sheet and split it down the middle, it would be more fair because you couldn't see the other teams screen. After a long time of trial and error, the sheet hung perfectly down the center of the screens. It was pretty hilarious and I definitely felt like a kid when you hang the sheets and build forts!

That is though, one con to playing COD...the split screen causing for serious disadvantage, though you could argue both teams can look if they want, both have the capability of cheating. They are much more "advanced" players than I so we took it as a serious disadvantage to our team.


  1. lol, that story about the sheet is the best thing I've heard in a while. My brothers and I would always get mad at each other when we were littler because we would always "screen peek". Its a dirty little move, but its impossible to resist!

    I still think its hilarious how enthusiastic about that game you get!

  2. I'm always accused of screen peeking by my little brother when we play COD. Even though he'll be up by 25 kills or something and I don't know the maps, so it doesn't really matter anyway. I always thought about a screen divider but I never thought you could do it with just a piece of paper.