Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Practicum 8.

After finishing two of the games in ARIS on my Iphone, there are a couple of things I found really interesting.
First, the ARIS app lies heavily on high, emerging technologies. You must own an Iphone in the first place to be able to play this game, and Iphone is surely one of the top technological break through recently. You also need Internet access to be able to play the game too. Not only that, a fast speed broadband Internet connection is crucial to the gaming experience because it So it is a Internet based gaming system. It lies heavily on GPS technology as well. Because a lot of the tasks in the game need to be supported by GPS technology to accomplish.
It might become an obstacle in the long term development of this program. For example, a big part of my poor experience during my first game is the fact that a lot of the functions does not really work as described due to the bad internet connection.
Secondly, I do think that as an app on the developmental stage, they are doing really well. The frame work is well thought and established. The concept of cooperating learning with gaming is definitely a tendency in the industry. But how can we make the learning experience more fun is still an ongoing struggle within the game industry.
I personally definitely learned a lot on subjects that I would probably never get the chance to learn otherwise.
Overall, it is a good experience. What makes it cooler is the fact that this game actually echoes with some of the concepts and theories we learned in the class. Maybe not necessarily the theories that my project mates are working on.
I will probably not continue using this app, because it doesn't really satisfies my needs of being entertained, and the specific subjects they are covering in the games are not necessarily of my great interests or needs.

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  1. And this game is no fun to play in the freezing wind.