Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Practicum #6 - Mitch

So I spent another hour and a half or so on Club Penguin (probably my favorite of all of the websites), while working on a paper in-between to break it up. I pretty much spent most of the time playing games. I got to herd some furball-type pets, join a penguin dance-off, and I also was able to make pizzas until my internet failed on me. One thing about the games on Club Penguin is that they are usually just games you get to play by yourself. However, puzzlepirates have more games that are able to be played by other members of the community. I'm was a little surprised at Club Penguin's popularity in spite of not having many games designed toward being involved with the group. But I've noticed before that these kids' websites don't seem to be aimed at social networking but more towards entertainment.

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