Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Practicum-Michelle #3

The daily strength website the most complete online-support I have come across so far. This website is specifically designed for pregnant teens. The website includes information, articles, treatment options, advice, and a wide range of discussion topics. There is even a section where one can post questions and members can respond with their answers and opinions. In order to reply one must become a member but all the questions and responses are open to the public. There are also certain groups which members can join such as abortion, teen moms, and pregnant teens.

What is especially great about this website is the member section. There are over 10 pages of members. You can narrow it down by clicking on certain tabs such as all, online now, members in need, and newest. Each member has a profile picture and the option to make her profile private or not. Once you click on a private profile it displays the members status, bio, and what support groups she’s a member of. There is also the option to add as a friend, give a hug, send a message, or ignore this user.

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