Thursday, October 14, 2010

Practicum #2 - Cailley

Well, time has passed, and I’m working more and more on my FourSquare presence. Part of it is me trying to check in more often wherever I go, and the other half of it is taking advantage of the other things FourSqaure has to offer.

Last weekend gave me a great chance to do both. I went on a trip to LA for a press junket, and found myself in the middle of Hollywood without a lot of knowledge. I made sure to check in everywhere, but I also took a look at the tips listed for every location.

Users everywhere can write tips for people visiting a new place, and when you're looking to try some great food or hit up a cool spot, it's a great resource. Here's some example tips listed for the Roosevelt Hotel.

  • The History Channel: "The ghost of Marilyn Monroe has supposedly been seen several times in the mirror located next to the elevator on the lower level. It was originally located in her poolside Suite, #1200."
  • Fernando L: Beautiful hotel. Start off at Library Bar in the lobby. Take your drink and explore the rest of the hotel's lobby area – walk around and soak in the old Hollywood. End up poolside at Tropicana Bar.
  • HotelChatter: Must hit up the 25 Degrees burger bar. And don't worry, it's open 24 hours!

I did hit up 25 Degrees for a burger, and everyone was right when they said it was amazing.

As of right now, my stats say I’ve checked in 34 times in the past month. (My second most-visited city is LA right now, which is a nice but definitely fleeting observation.)

That’s alright, but I’m hoping to do better. In particular, my goal is to become the mayor of something by the time the semester is over. I’ll keep you posted on that.

Also, is there anyone in this class who’s on FourSquare? It’s a little lonely with only four friends.

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