Tuesday, October 19, 2010


So, the task is to google myself. I've done it before out of sheer boredom and never found anything all too exciting. This time really wasn't any different. The first result was for a "design, furniture, glass, jewelry, lighting and object store" called Mark McDonald. Intriguing? No. Obnoxious? A little... I don't want to be associated with that (maybe I do, I don't know. Its hard to say). Having signed up for twitter and other online services, I knew that the name Mark McDonald was a popular name, as it and just about every possible abbreviation of it was already taken by someone else. In fact, theres even a link to a twitter account for a Mark P. McDonald, my initials exactly. (Don't get confused, I am in no way affiliated...) Along with this is a website for music and blues, a personal blog, and a bunch of pictures of creepy looking guys who could all, in a sense, taint my identity.
For a long time, I found it interesting that there are so many people that share my name. Im even part of a group on facebook that is completely devoted to Mark McDonalds across the world. I think we have six members right now... So, if you're wondering if I was surprised by the results I got, Im not. Going into this little project, I kind of already knew what to expect. Certainly nothing that would link to me personally, theres just too many of me out there for me to really stand out at this point. You know what? I just decided to make it my life goal to be the number one result when my name is googled. Ask me to do this project again 30 years from now, when I inevitably achieve my goal, and the results are all about me. Then maybe I'll find it interesting ;)

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