Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Practicum-Michelle #4

Since the Daily Strength website for pregnant teens was the most comprehensive support group I've come across while researching I decided to solely focus on this one website for the rest of the practicum assignment. I started off by clicking into one of the discussion titled "This is really new to me..." Since I sort of forgot what type of site I was on I thought to myself "perfect, I'm new to this site too." Well the post was about being new to being pregnant, not the website.

I read the post and was surprised about how much detail was included in the post. The 19 year old didn't just explain her situation but also her feelings and reactions of people involved in her life. At the end of the post she wrote "any experiences or support would be appreciated." Seven people responded and all of the responses were positive. A lot of the posts explained that they too had been in the exact same situation, had the same feelings, and experienced the same reactions. Some of the comments also revealed where they live and what help is available in those areas. I truly believe that these comments helped the 19 year old because all she wanted was to know that other people had experienced the same thing she did. Hopefully she found comfort from the comments.

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