Tuesday, October 5, 2010


My brother has long been a fan of iDosing. When he discovered the app for the iPhone, he became obsessed with experimenting with the drugless effects. Whether or not he ever experienced anything, I will never know. But, when the opportunity came up to give it a shot for class, I thought, "Why not...?"

I figured if Im going to give it a go, Im gonna take it to the extreme. I was doing "Hand of God". People claimed to have experienced life changing effects from this particular one, so I was intrigued. While listening, a series of interesting noises played to music. It made me tired to sit and listen to, and to be honest, that was about all that I felt. It was an interesting thing listening to this because the idea of reflexivity continually stopped me from seeing any potential results. Whenever I would begin to feel something out of the ordinary, I would stop and think about it. I would wonder, "is this what Im supposed to be feeling?" This completely took me out of the state of mind and I continually had to restart from ground zero. Whether or not, iDosing actually does something I cannot say for sure because I couldnt stop my mind from running and removing me from the experience every time I felt something, whether it was natural or induced from the iDose. Personally, I believe the whole experience just causes a placebo effect and that anyone claiming to have felt anything extreme is just bluffing. But hey, who am I to say? Maybe my mind is just too complex for something like this ;)

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