Friday, November 12, 2010

Hulu Vs Youtube

Going into this blog post, I thought I knew which video viewing site I preferred. Coming out on the other end though, Im realizing that the race is a lot tighter than I originally thought. Maybe its because I never really gave Hulu a fair shot or because I like the originality of a lot of the content on Youtube, but Hulu has proved to me that its worth keeping up with.

For this post, I watched a clip from YouTube of Colbert and Obama interacting for one of Colbert's episodes. For Hulu, I watched a clip from glee in which they did a pretty epic cover of Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" (Who knows, I may have to start watching Glee after that).

Watching YouTube, I have to admit that the ad free nature of viewing the videos was very convenient. When it comes to originality, you cant beat YouTube. On what other website could you be introduced to both "Arby n' the Chief" and "Salad Fingers" all in one setting? Beats me. Hulu definitely takes the cake when it comes to TV or movie related content. I never realized how easy it is to find a clip from select shows with Hulu. Knowing this, there no doubt that I'll have to visit the site more often. I guess the only thing that really bothers me about it is the ads that play before EVERY clip. It gets old really fast. But I guess for the better content and quality, the wait is kinda worth it...

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  1. I totally agree with you on the commercial part. I definitely hated the ads on Hulu, because they are not long enough for me to do something else and come back, so I kind of have to watch it.