Monday, November 8, 2010

Practicum #4

Well here I am the day before my presentation. I really do not have a whole lot more to report since my last post regarding my Practicum assignment. I continue to post different recipes that I have found on various home brewing websites. One member posted back to me this week though which was cool. I responded with a "thank you" post. He had some suggestions for me regarding the spices I could add to the pumpkin formula I posted. I have not received any inbox messages, though. Apparently I am not that popular or interesting to these "beer smiths" as they call themselves. There was a guy that posted this morning on the discussion topic of "How often do I brew?" His post is shown above. He says he is a law student and still finds time to brew beer once a week, which is just downright impressive if you ask me (except, he says, during finals).

I guess my question for the audience would be do you have any ideas how to get people to engage with me more on this type of forum, does anyone have any experience with this?

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