Sunday, November 7, 2010

YouTube vs. Hulu

The YouTube video I chose to watch is a little gem entitled "Fried or Fertilized" by newly-signed hip-hop sensation Yung Humma feat. Flynt Flossy and Whatchyamacallit. I really have no words. You just need to see for yourself. I can't really decide if it's the best thing I've ever seen or a sign of the apocalypse.

You're welcome.

I'm happy that the election is over. I had that stupid Ron Johnson ad basically memorized and it enraged me every time he stood between me and a hilarious cat video.

I watched "The Rocky Horror Glee Show" on Hulu. I like Hulu because the videos are high quality and the commercial breaks are reasonable. They usually switch up witch ad they show, which is nice because i don't like watching the same commercial 5 times during one episode.

My experiences on both sites were good, though not entirely groundbreaking because it would be safe to say that I frequent them.

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