Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Youtube Vs Hulu

Just realized my title rhymes :)

Since I had a little cable catching up to do I watched the latest episode of Modern Family on Hulu. I seriously can't get enough of that show! I love watching hulu because most of the time the commercials are short, unless they do a double commercial. But typically they are shorter than watching shows at ABC.com or any other network site. If I need a lot of catching up to do on my tv shows then I watch Hulu because it doesn't limit the amount of minutes you can watch of it like Sidereel, which is my go-to if I only have one show to watch (because it has no commercials).

On Youtube I watched the new music video for Katy Perry- "Firework." Youtube is practically the only place you can watch music videos on anymore since MTV doesn't air them ever. I think Youtube's quality for music videos are very good, especially if it's sponsored by VEVO. But other Youtube videos put up by amateurs typically aren't very good quality like one would see from Hulu or music videos.

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