Tuesday, November 9, 2010

YouTube vs. Hulu

I have been using Hulu for quite a long time now whenever I need to catch up any shows I missed that air on NBC. I usually watch The Office and SNL on Hulu. I've been doing it for so long because I really appreciate the quality that Hulu has to offer and the commercials don't really bother me that much. They aren't extremely long, but they do give me small breaks between segments so it allows me to grab something from the fridge or check my email or something before the show starts again. The only downside is that Hulu only has limited content, so there are a lot of portions of SNL I don't see, and episodes that I may want to watch again that I can't.
YouTube, on the other hand, like most people have said has lower quality but there is the benefit of no commercials on most channels. YouTube also has a lot more content available to view from all different media companies.
Overall, I think Hulu is the way to go if you want to watch the shows that Hulu redistributes legally, but YouTube is much more inclusive and lacks commercials.

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