Monday, December 6, 2010

Blog 7 - Tracking Computerized Usage

I've spent most of my entire day today on my laptop, my work computer, and my phone. I had to work from 3 to 8 tonight, and everything I do is on the computer. After work, I came home to watch 90210 on the DVR. Although I can fast forward through the shows I record, I usually like the two or three minute break, and browse around various websites. Like others, I have been paying attention to the Badger Herald article and reading the INSANE comments. I check websites like PerezHilton,, learn@uw, and Facebook incessantly throughout most days, and I'm never without my phone, so I spend much/(most?) of my life using computerized things.

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  1. I actually did not think to include my DVR, TV or any other thing besides my computer really for this post. After discussion today, it is interesting to think about how many things we interact with on a daily basis are in fact computerized. Even my toothbrush would be considered computerized I suppose, which is weird to think about. Our lives are so influenced by computers in this day and age it is almost scary honestly. I am not so into the whole ubicomp idea. Makes me think too much about those futuristic movies where computers take over the world.