Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mark - [Practicum Post: 6]

So, the most amazing thing happened when I played WoW last time... I met a girl! Now, while your imagine runs wild with possibilities of what this might mean, Imma keep it firmly planted in assuring you that it was strictly non-sexual. ;) Thats right, sparks were NOT flying, we're merely friends in the "acknowledgement through virtual avatar" sort of way.

All jokes aside, I was getting pretty tired of the game before she came along. Running back and forth through the forest doing meaningless tasks by myself was growing old quickly. Just by happy chance during one of my quests, I received an invite from her: a one Miss Kateroine. I was hesitant at first because I didn't know what joining a group implied (I think I was kicked out from my guild before I could even figure out what it was for). But I was desperate for interaction, so I joined. It was Kateroine and one other person named Themartin playing together. After a bit of chat, I found out that Kateroine was starting her game over, so she had experience, and Themartin was just along for the ride to level up.

Intrigued as to where this could go, we took off. Whenever I needed help killing something, they were there. If Kateroine needed help finding something, I as there for her. It made quests all the more easy and the game overall all the more fun! I was thoroughly impressed at how big of a difference these "friendships" could make. Which, speaking of, I added both of them as friends, which confirms the fact that you can actually add friends. (Something I've been wondering for a while)

I honestly look forward to playing with them sometime in the next 24 hours, at which time my free trial is set to expire...


  1. Glad you made friends! Did you ask if she was really a girl or do you think her avatar was just a female? That would be interesting to find out!

  2. You hear these stories about people spending like 40 straight hours on WofW... Has anyone made any reference of that to you at all so far? It seems like that is such an addicting game to a lot of people I am just wondering if you feel the same way or could see that possibility...