Monday, December 13, 2010

Practicum #7

As time closes on the semester and our pracitcum project, I find myself looking forward to not having to participate in the beer forum any longer. Although it has given me some interesting ideas and tips for my future brewing endeavors, I could have gotten this information from simply googling home brewing. From a collective intelligence standpoint, this forum should epitomize the theory, but I think that many people are not willing to participate to the point that would qualify it as a true example of collective intelligence. For instance, since my last post about how there is another college student on the forum, there have only been two posts by other members, one of the posts being from the commissioner of the forum. This is a little disheartening. People have not been posting any relevant information either, they post ramblings about how they got too drunk on their batch from last month (some of the stories are comical, but it almost defeats the purpose of collective intelligence). This screen shot is unfortunately the one I see all too often... 0 messages being shot my way. It is just not a very interactive site from what I have and continue to experience. Maybe something will change in the next 72 hours before the paper is due, who knows!

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