Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Use of Computers

Just like most people, I use my computer, TV, and phone very often. I would say that I use my computer the most for things. I bring it to class to take notes with, I carry it between classes to check emails and facebook, and I have it by my side usually in the evenings for many reasons. I use my computer for social interaction, school, and I use it ALL the time for work too. I use my cell phone for texting and calls, but that is just about all I use it for since I don't have a smart phone. As far as TV goes, I watch TV far less than I used to, but that is just because I'm more busy now than I was before. I watch it in the evenings for a little bit, and I often go to the shows that are "on demand" to view my favorite programs that I have missed. I would say most of my computerized usage is with things for school, followed by work. I actually probably spend the least amount of time doing things for fun in my free time.

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